Thursday, 24 February 2022

New Product Range - Polishers, Detailing Tools and Accessories


MaxShine are a professional company who specialises in development of the long throw dual action polishers, detailing tools and accessories for more than 15 years. MaxShine has become one of the most popular auto detailing tool and accessory brands in around 50 countries and regions globally. A large factor of MaxShine's initial success derives from their passion - Car Care. Innovation will always remain their first step in development. Products will stay up to date with the worlds latest technology to help bring you the best detailing experience ever.

Maxshine proudly stands behind the concept of offering the highest quality equipment and the best customer service to ensure your satisfaction. You can improve your user experience by using professional tools and accessories from MaxShine and you will achieve maximum results. In past decades we have devoted a significant amount of time to researching and developing new polishing technology. After many years we gained initial success by developing and mass producing the first dual action polisher and bringing it to the market.

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