Code: M4965

Meguiar's® Fiberglass Restoration System uses three specialized steps to effectively restore all fiberglass gel coats, and is ideal for marine craft and RVs. The Oxidation Remover (M49), will remove oxidation, stains, and scratches. High Gloss Polish (M45) will restore brilliant gloss to the finish and Pure Wax (M56) will provide long-lasting, durable protection to the restored surface.

  • A specialized three-step system to quickly and easily remove moderate defects, boost gloss, and add long-lasting protection to gel coat and fiberglass surfaces.
  • Meguiar's® M49 Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover safely removes moderate oxidation and defects while enhancing gloss and shine.
  • Meguiar's® M45 High Goss Polish contains rich polishing oils to create a brilliant high gloss and maximum shine.
Technical Data Sheet

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