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Scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle are a result of improper car washing and improper detailing tools. The Meguiar's Professional Grit Guard keeps wash water grit off your washing mitt!

When you wash, the dirt and grit from your vehicle's surface are picked up by your wash mitt and brushes. When you dip the mitt or brush back into your wash bucket, the grit rinses off into the wash water. When you toss your mitt or brush into the bucket, they sink to the bottom and pickup the grit you washed off and are subsequently rubbed back onto your car's paint which can cause swirl marks and scratches.

You can now preserve your paint's finish with the Meguiar's Professional Grit Guard, a raised radial surface designed to release dirt and grit from your wash mitt and trap it at the bottom of your bucket. Place the Grit Guard Insert at the bottom of any 30.5cm diameter bucket and simply rub your mitt or brush across it to extract any contaminants. The dirt and grit is trapped beneath the Grit Guard's raised surface, keeping your water and wash mitt clean and scratch-free!


  • Removes dirt from your wash mitt.
  • Reduces the risk of swirls when washing.
  • Prevents mitt contamination and prolongs soap life.
  • Fits in most 20L buckets.
  • Comes in Meguiar's Gold Colour!

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