Code: EX610-6/15
  • Vibration-free technology
  • Smoother control
  • For refinishing and detailing
  • 15mm orbit size
  • 6" backing plate
  • Free speed - 2000-4500 OPM

Shine Mates Orbital Polisher features an ergonomic body design combined with vibration elimination technology to reduce operator Fatigue. Dust-DevilTM multi-hole backing plate assists in keeping compound/polish/finishing pad temperatures low. The soft-start feature reduces product splash and wastage, while the speed stabilizer offers constant speed output. The unit is configured with a long-life motor and carbon brush, and 5m long power supply cord. Includes 7" Black Diamond Pads.

Whats included: 

  • Orbital Polishing Unit
  • Backing Plate*
  • 7" Black Diamond Polishing Pad (red) **
  • 7" Black Diamond Compounding Pad (yellow) **

* The backing plate shouldn't be exchanged for a bigger/smaller backing plate.

The reason is that the backing plate as well as the foam pads are parts of the precisely designed eccentric system and the weight of the backing plate is designed to keep the balance between the counterweight and pads.

Use a backing plate smaller or bigger than the original one, may break the weight balance and cause more vibration during operation.

The bearings in the unit are also precisly matched to the counterweight so changing the counterweight can upset the bearing seat.

** You can use alternate branded foam pads, however, they must be the same weight as the foam pads supplied with the Shine Mate unit.

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