Code: H4000BWSB1.25

WATER BORNE PAINT SPRAY GUN, Be applicable to water paint and solvent-based paint.

Use for: topcoat / varnishes/ Water-paint.

The most accurate matched color , glossy paint , uniform paint distribution, to ensure rapid completion of the perfect coating results.

The forged and pressed gun body is compact to prevent paint jumping, sturdy and durable.

The new ITALCO H-4000 is setting the standards. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the spray gun has been optimised with the passion for precision so typical of ITALCO as well as undergoing intensive practical tests. The result: a soft spray pattern which is second to none, perfect ergonomics and outstanding atomisation for excellent finishes.

Lighter, improved handling, higher precision: the ergonomic design.

ITALCO H- 4000, due to its ergonomically formed gun handle, fits like a glove. We have reduced its weight by 15% compared to the previous model. In addition, we have lowered the centre of gravity of the spray gun by a great deal for the benefit of the painter.

Improved control elements.

With just a quarter turn of the innovative round/ flat spray control, the spray fan can be precisely adapted to the shape of the object. For safer and even more comfortable paint application.

  • Nozzle size (mm): 1.25 mm
  • Capacity cup: 600 ml
  • Pattern width: About 27 cm
  • Optimal spray distance: 18 cm (7 Inch)
  • Optimal working pressure: 2.0 bar / 29 psi
  • Maximum working pressure: 10.0 bars / 145 psi
  • Air Consumption: 4.6 cfm at 29 psi

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