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Ultimate Fast Finish simple spray and wipe application makes protecting your vehicle's paint easier than ever. This long lasting spray can be applied on any clean surface – even over wax – to create a protective top coat finish for up to one full year, it’s advanced polymer formula also provides extreme gloss and slickness.

This easy to use aerosol spray will leave a deep wet look yet still protect for maximum water beading. With regular use, Ultimate Fast Finish can help reduce water streaks and grime from daily driving and protect the paint.

To use, first make sure the paint is dry and free from dust, grease and oils. Then spray the product onto a clean microfiber and apply to the desired surface. Follow with a wipe off to lock in the protection. Whether you’re a beginner or an ultimate auto enthusiast, the product is quick and easy to apply creating a year long protective paint barrier in just a few minutes.

Ultimate Fast Finish comes in a 241g aerosol and includes a premium microfiber towel.

  • Ultra quick protection solution
  • Lasts up to one full year
  • Game changing technology
  • No buffing required
  • Includes a premium microfiber towel
  • Maximizes water beading paint protection, gloss, & slickness
  • Lab tested durability over 100 wash cycles using a pH balanced car wash

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