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Hy-per Cool™ by Rislone® Super Coolant contains New Technology wetting agents which lower the surface tension of the water/coolant mixture, allowing it to improve the heat transfer of your cooling system.  This will make your system dissipate more heat more efficiently, reducing engine temperatures by up to 14°C helping to prevent overheating.  Super Coolant lubricates and protects water pump seals and helps prevent corrosion of ALL metals commonly found in cooling systems, including Aluminium.   

  • Compatible with ALL types and ALL colour of antifreeze coolant
  • Can be used with straight water for maximum cooling performance
  • Contains no glycol. High performance coolant safe for track use
  • Provides no antifreeze capability
  • Always check for freeze protection if needed
  • Advance formula reduces engine temperature and prevents overheating
  • Provides maximum corrosion protection in straight water or with any antifreeze/coolant
  • Use in Cars, Utes, SUV’s and Trucks, Towing, Racing & Street
  • Reduces engine cylinder heat temperatures
  • Allows safe advancement of ignition timing resulting in more horsepower
  • Prevents overheating in high performance and high load engines
  • Complete protection from rust, corrosion, electrolysis and coolant gelling
  • Formulated to protect all systems including aluminum.


Never remove radiator cap if engine is hot.

Add one bottle to treat 11.5 to 19 liter systems. For larger or smaller systems, add 30 mL per 1 liter of capacity. You can add to overflow tank, but it will take 4 to 5 heating and cooling cycles for the product to fully enter the system. For best results re-treat once per year.

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