Interior surfaces:

  • Use specific products for specific applications (Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner for leather, Natural Shine for vinyl, Carpet and Interior Cleaner for carpet etc).
  • Q-Tips, Cotton Buds or small brushes work great for vents. The Meguiar's Triple Duty Detail Brush or Slide.
  • Lock Detail Brush are designed for use in these areas too.
  • For safety reasons, DO NOT apply dressings to steering wheel or foot pedals.
  • While applying vinyl/leather sprays apply product to towel then wipe surface, do not spray directly onto surface. 
  • If you wish to apply product directly we recommend using the Dash Foam, Rich Leather Foam or our convenient wipes range.

Glass Care:

  • NEVER use ammoniated window cleaner on tinted windows. Meguiar's No Smear Glass Cleaner is ammonia free.
  • DO NOT use window cleaner on instrument panel plastic. To clean this plastic try using Meguiar's PlastX.
  • Scrape old decals off before cleaning glass.
  • Wipe your windows in one direction for the interior and the opposite for the exterior, this will allow you to determine where your streaks are.
  • Use the 2 sided or 2 towel method. One side of towel for the initial wipe and the other to produce the perfect streak free final wipe, the Microwipe Glass and Window cloth is perfect for achieving streak-free results.

Chrome, Rubber and Plastics:

  • Use an all-purpose cleaner (such as Meguiar's Extra) and brush to remove any wax build up.
  • Pre-clean rubber or plastic before dressing it.

Leather, Fabric and Carpet:

  • Use an alspecified leather cleaner or conditioner on leather. DO NOT use standard vinyl dressings.
  • Use a good all-purpose cleaner for fabrics and carpets such as Carpet and Interior Cleaner.
  • When brushing carpets always brush in one direction... NEVER in circles.
  • DO NOT over saturate carpets when cleaning them.
  • Clean your vehicles interior first, then leave doors open so carpets can dry.


  • Keep wash mitts clean and stored properly so as to not collect dirt and dust. Dirty mitts can create scratches, if your mitt is contaminated - replace it.
  • To clean a wash mitt, place a hose inside the mitt and spray the water through the mitt. This will help wash contaminants away from the fibres.
  • Rinse buckets thoroughly before using them in the washing process.
  • Beware of belt buckles, watches, jewellery etc when detailing your vehicle.
  • When using professional products such as Meguiar's Detailer or Mirror Glaze, always wear the appropriate safety gear.

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