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Good afternoon Team Maguire's.

Just a quick email to say a big thanks from Yvonne and I re. the NZ Hot Rod mag letter of the month prize, much appreciated, the glass treatment products will complement the Maguire's products that we already use on our Hot Rods.

Once we use the product on a windscreen we will provide feedback and photos to your Facebook page.

Peter and Yvonne Phillips


I'm new to the vehicle detailing world. Got into it cause I recently bought a 2006 Limited Edition Ford Explorer and my 2 year old son and 7 year old daughter loves cars. So I thought I might as well get into it by learning how to detail a vehicle properly starting with my own.

Up until recently, I would go into a car shop and buy the cheapest on sale care product. But since being introduced to Meguiars products, I will not touch any other product but Meguiars.

The products are not only the best on the market but I like the branding and the whole marketing of the Meguiars product line. The black and packaging is sexy and appeals to me.

Within a week of my introduction to detailing, I have nearly all of the Meguiars consumer line products following exactly what is taught in the 5 step system. Too many to mention but I have nearly all of them and love all of them. I'm sure I will have all the products within a month . Can't stop buying them. They all have their purpose. But I find that I am using the Ultimate Quik Detailer the most. I use it every day to keep my vehicle clean. Never knew detailing could be so much fun. Now both my kids are into it. Just waiting for the Dual Action Polisher and we will be into it even more.

Thanks for the awesome products.

Marc Lee

Hi there,

I always use Meguiar's 3 x step system when cleaning.  I also recently started using your soft wash cleaner for my Japanese company car.
I am currently restoring a 1971 HQ Holden Premier sedan that I have owned for the last 18 years or so (the 3rd rebuild since I have owned it), but this time round I am knocking on the 30-40k mark.
It has modified 2004 Lexus electric leather seats & interior door cards along with a 463 HP 383 small block Chevy & nitrous oxide. There are too many extras that I've either had to import from the States or Aussie as well to list here, but hopefully it will be ready In time for the Kumeu car show in January 2011.


Hey Guys,
I've just started using your products, I never knew there was such a good product until my friend has been using them on his big rig. I am looking forward to "Americarna" in New Zealand, because "Car Crazy" are going to be there (and I am entered with my car)  and I'm bringing my check book! I want your products to use on my 1982 Corvette the Meguiar's Team in a couple of weeks. Here is a pic of my baby.....Thanks again

Graham Espiner
Palmerston North

Have recently purchased :-

  • Soft Wash Gel - mean as foaming!
  • Quik Detailer - Awesome stuff and easy to use - I store it in the boot. I had my bonnet re-sprayed and a bird dropped its mother load on it while getting a service which etched into my clear or paint - still there so think I need "Scratch X 2.0 (nothing like freebies) to get it out - correct me if I'm wrong, anyway I bought the detailer in case it happens again and I have the time to spray and walk away.
  • Cleaner Wax- Great stuff easy to use, smells good leaves good shine, gone are the dreaded days of another brand's wax removal.
  • Endurance Tyre Gel - I haven't used it yet, I'll be honest, should be mack as though.
  • Hot Rims Wheel & Tyre Cleaner - Haven't used this either had purchased another brand will be swapping to this asap.
  • Got a round applicator pad - that's mean, any free ones send my way (As from reading the site you recommend dedicating one per product).

Have also just purchased a 1994 MERCEDES E320 in reasonable condition - have never gone in depth into car care products, now I know why enthusiasts do, I'm still learning the ropes but I'm getting there, any info or booklets would be awesome . The bird dropping on the bonnet got me thinking about car care products.
I had been recommended by Repco to purchase another brand's car care kit, so I did and well I used it once (best thing was the bucket) then bought some "MEGUIAR'S" - I mean there is no comparison.
I'm still yet to purchase after reading info on the site (hopefully I've sussed what I need to do), a SMOOTH SURFACE CLAY KIT, and a bottle of SCRATCH X 2.0, then a WAX. Still very wary about applying but hey gotta give it a go.
Also need leather care products for those seats and door cards, I need a job at "MEGUIAR'S" hook me up!
Well I hope that's enough for a sticker, I'll wear that on my car with pride go "MEGUIAR'S"
Have attached a pic of my ride before I'd used "MEGUIAR'S" on it, will post pic after I've completed with your products, nice one guys cheers.

Dave Shepherd

Hi Meguiar's,

I have used most all of your products on my Mustangs for several years now and there is nothing on the market to even come close.
I have attached a pic of one of my mustangs for you
Thanks for having such a great product.

New Plymouth

Hi there!!!

I have to say that Ultimate Quik Wax ROCKS I really love it. I have used so many other products to make my car quickly shine but this is one of the best I have ever used and here is the picture of my car that looks like black mirror.

I will continue to use this product and will try other Meguiar's Products as well...

Hasan Jakupovic


At present to keep my ride looking cool for cruising I use no smear glass cleaner ( really like this product as it is easy to apply, and is really simple to use and does was it says it will do.)
NXT Generation Metal Polish (a quick and easy metal polish that leaves a really cool shine to any mags).
Ultra-Safe Wheel Spoke Brush  ( This is a really awesome product as it saves a lot of time trying to clean hard areas within the mag wheel like all the spokes in my hotwire mags .
Slide-Lock Detailing Brush (this product is a really awesome invention, the adjustable lock allows every little detail in the car to be clean and the soft bristles gives you the guarantee nothing will be scratched in the process, this would be my favourite product.)
Overall I really like using meguiars products and I don't hesitate to recommend them to my other mates who take pride in their ride too.

Craig Hayward

Hi Meguiars!

First of all great products, I have been using your products for over seven years now and every time I give my car a good going over I am just amazed each and every time at what it comes up like, I am always getting comments on how my cars look - which make the time and effort I put into it all worth it.

My workmates and friends are constantly giving me grief about my cars always looking perfect, and I know allot of it is thanks to the great products I use. Every time I try a new product of yours that I haven't used before I am always amazed at how well it does the job.
The products I regularly use on my cars are:

  • NXT Generation Wash
  • NXT Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Ultimate Quik Wax Spray (for top ups between paste waxing)
  • Ultimate Range (Paint compound, polish and wax)
  • NXT Generation Insane Tyre Shine
  • PlastX
  • Quik Interior Detailer
  • Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Again thanks for making such good products! Please see my attached pics of my babies.

Harley Conner

Hi there Meguiar's,

I currently use your Gold Class car wash, and really like that it keeps its suds right to the end, not like the other brands.

I don't know if it helps that I use a wash mitt, not a brush, but it's great that I can clean the rims with soapy water, after washing the rest of the car.

As I've just bought the car, I'm keen to keep it looking as good as I can for as long as possible, so will be trying out some of your other products (as recommended by your car care prescription).

P Franssen
Paraparaumu Beach

I have just recently started using your products on my car. I first products I bought were:

NXT Generation Car Wash - Seems to be the best car wash I have used so far
Ultimate Liquid Wax - found it left a good shine and easy to use
Other products I have got of yours are:
Quik Interior Detailer
Hot Shine Wheel & Tyre - Coating seems to last and last
Ultimate Detailer
The most recent product I have purchased is:
Hot Rims Reflect - Very impressed with this product

Ross Burrowes

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