Rislone has developed two solutions to keeping your car running cool!


We refused to make just another radiator flush. If we couldn’t develop one worthy of the Hy-per Cool name, we wouldn’t put it in our product lineup. After several significant refinements to our product formulation, what emerged from our lab was Hy-per Cool, the highest-performing radiator cleaner and flush you can buy. Hy-per Cool Radiator Cleaner & Super Flush by Rislone is a professional-grade, proven formula that effectively:

  •  Cleans the entire cooling system
  •  Removes deposits and coolant gel
  •  Reduces overall operating temperature and improves performance of cooling system
  •  Instantly neutralizes acids that cause corrosion
  •  Helps prevent formulation of scales & deposits
  •  Finishes the cleaning job in 30 minutes or less, no special expertise needed

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Hy-per Cool™ by Rislone® Super Coolant contains New Technology wetting agents which lower the surface tension of the water/coolant mixture, allowing it to improve the heat transfer of your cooling system.  This will make your system dissipate more heat more efficiently, reducing engine temperatures by up to 14°C helping to prevent overheating.  Super Coolant lubricates and protects water pump seals and helps prevent corrosion of ALL metals commonly found in cooling systems, including Aluminium.  

  •  Compatible with ALL types and ALL colour of antifreeze coolant
  •  Can be used with straight water for maximum cooling performance
  •  Contains no glycol
  •  High performance coolant safe for track use
  •  Provides no antifreeze capability
  •  Always check for freeze protection if needed
  •  Advance formula reduces engine temperature and prevents overheating.
  •  Provides maximum corrosion protection in straight water or with any antifreeze/coolant
  •  Use in Cars, Utes, SUV’s and Trucks, Towing, Racing & Street
  •  Reduces engine cylinder heat temperatures
  •  Allows safe advancement of ignition timing resulting in more horsepower
  •  Prevents overheating in high performance and high load engines
  •  Complete protection from rust, corrosion, electrolysis and coolant gelling
  •  Formulated to protect all systems including aluminum

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